1.How do I order?

You can simply log onto our website, add products to cart and make the payment. Voila!!! Your order has been placed and will be dispatched on the next working day. 

2.I need to change something on my order, how do I do this?

You can directly contact us on our email contact@asomcha.com or on our number +91 9205324358.

3.Where can I track my order?

In order section or by the tracking details provided on your email.

4. My product is broken, how do I return it?

You can directly contact us via email or on the given contact number.

5.How long should I brew my tea for?

Different teas have different brewing times. The time suggested is only a guide and after a while you can experiment with brewing times to end up with the perfect cup of tea to suit your own taste. Do not brew your tea for too long as over brewing will leave a bitter aftertaste. Larger leaf teas can be brewed for longer than the small cut leaf.

Black CTC Teas that will be served with milk should be brewed a little longer. 4-5 mins for large leaf and 3-4mins for finer cut teas.

Green Teas should be brewed in water that is below boiling point for 2-4 mins and can be brewed several times.

Oolong Tea can be brewed for around 3 min. 

White Tea can be brewed for up to 5 minutes and brewed several times over.
Each brew reveals a new layer to the tea.

Herbal Tea can be brewed for at least 4 minutes to ensure all the goodness is released.

 6.How much tea should I use?

It is generally suggested to use 2 grams or 1 table spoon of tea for a cup. Remember if you want a stronger cup of tea you should use more tea and not - just brew for longer!

If you have any more questions about tea or the brewing process, don’t hesitate to ask us! We will help you find a tea that you’re sure to love.
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