Premium Tea

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  • ABOUT PREMIUM TEA:  Granular CTC black tea sourced fresh, directly from the gardens of Assam.
  • TASTE, AROMA & COLOR: With brewed Premium Tea’s mild flavorful essence you will enjoy the flavor even before the first sip. It provides a malty taste with a dark, amber liquor, but a brownish, amber appearance when brewed with milk added which gives a premium feel.
  • LIFTS UP MOOD: Refreshing taste with rich & strong flavor and a mild aroma lifts up the mood in any situation while improving the energy levels. 
  • THREE LAYERED PACKET: Sealed packaging in a three-layered packet to maintain the freshness, aroma & taste with a premium feel, which is zip-locked resealable for ease of use. An alternative Glass jar premium packaging is also being offered
  • FRESH, AUTHENTIC & 100% NATURAL TEA AT AFFORDABLE PRICE: Asom Cha selects best produce directly from tea gardens of Assam, providing very fast Garden to Cup time to serve Fresh, Authentic and Natural tea products at Affordable prices. This is achieved by Founders of Asom Cha having 3 generations of experience in tea gardens in Assam. 
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING, FREE OF PRESERVATIVES: All Asom Cha tea products are natural, free of preservatives with NO artificial flavoring.
  • RECOMMENDED TO BREW: Pour 2/3rd cup of water in a saucepan along with 1 tsp. of Premium Tea, put it on high heat, then add 1/3rd cup of milk and let it brew to taste. Add sugar as per your taste. Enjoy your kick-ass chai cup! Depending on taste, it can be steeped in only water and tried as well.